The core function of the SCEN working groups is to provide a forum for sharing ideas and information among SCEN advocates and allies in the Southeast. Serving as a launching pad for strategic collaboration, our purpose is to provide a groundswell of support around issues and initiatives within states and to maximize their impact through leveraged efforts and targeted resources


SCEN Convenings are held bi-annually, each time in a different location of the Southeast. These in-person meetings are a powerful tool since they allow participants to further understand the work being done by our members and other organizations that focus specifically on the betterment of the Southeast and our nation.


This program is designed to support grassroot nonprofit organizational development and fundraising acumen, leadership development, communications and media, legal acumen, organizing strategies and 501c3 civic engagement


  • Southeast Asset Mapping

  • Policy recommendations from Southern communities for a Green New Deal.

  • Southeast Environmental Podcast

  • The South Carolina State Solar Initiative

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Alex Easdale – Executive Director
Phone: +1-954-673-7002

Email: Alex@scen-us.org

Sara Ochoa - Membership & Operations Coordinator
Phone: +1-786-818-7423

Email: Sara@scen-us.org

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Members of SCEN are part of a network of organizations working to advocate meaningful and effective solutions to climate justice and racial equity in the Southeast.

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(SCEN is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization)

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