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SCEN Convenings

SCEN Membership Convenings are held bi-annually, each time in a different location in the Southeast. These in-person meetings are a powerful tool since they allow participants to understand further the work being done by our members and other organizations that focus specifically on the betterment of the Southeast and our nation.




Mark your calendars for the 2024 In-Person SCEN Member Convening! Join us in Memphis, Tennessee, on May 23rd and 24th.

Reach out to a SCEN team member for the registration form or more information! 

Current Sponsors for the 2024 Convening! 


Want to be a 2024 Convening Sponsor?

Through Convening Sponsorships, SCEN has helped cover all convening expenses as well as stipends for participants from smaller grassroots and frontline organizations who are SCEN members (over $7,500 provided in 2019 alone). And overall, the organization has been able to regrant $150,000+ in small grants to its members to ensure active participation of grassroot communities at the convenings celebrated until this day. 

Past Convenings

Florence, SC (2019)
Birmingham, AL (2019)
New Orleans (2018)
Atlanta, GA (2018)
Richmond, VA (2017)
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