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Capacity Building Trainings for the Grassroots


This fundraising training program will provide small organizations the necessary resources to increase their internal fundraising capabilities:

  1. Fundraising strategy and planning 

  2. Individual donors, list building and scripting

  3. Grant-writing I - foundation research 

  4. Grant-writing II - foundation outreach 

  5. Grant-writing III - Proposal writing (narratives and budgeting)

Image by Micheile Henderson


As part of SCEN's Capacity Building initiative, we are offering a half-day Communications and Media Training led by Carina Barnett-Loro, Senior Program Manager at the Climate Advocacy Lab and Michael Hansen, SCEN Board Member and Executive Director of GASP. This training builds upon prior trainings on this topic held at our 2019 Convenings and will cover topics such as developing social media campaigns and media relations.

Topics: Communications strategy, target audiences, message development, communications channels and practical skills.

Check out our past capacity building trainings 

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