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Who We Are

SCEN believes that local organizations are best positioned to bring about equitable and sustainable energy systems across the Southeast when they share a common vision and collaborate with a broad range of partners. To effectively collaborate across multiple states and issue areas, the network aims to leverage our collective power to provide leadership, training, funding and rapid response to threats to our members. Our main goal as an organization is to become a powerful, inclusive, diverse and interconnected Southeastern climate movement that strengthens capability and enables organizations to maximize impacts at a local and regional level, thereby building healthy, resilient and vibrant communities.

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SCEN Values:



We envision the southeastern United States as the leading region for just, equitable and inclusive solutions to the climate crisis

Integrity: Integrity is about being accountable to our actions, sticking to our word, and upholding our moral principles. As a cohesive network, we recognize that it is our duty to ensure our work is done honestly and morally. 


Justice: True sustainability and societal transformation must have the component of justice. Justice, to us, is inextricably linked with equity and focuses on repairing relationships, promoting fairness, and assuring that no one is left behind or discriminated against.  


Equity: Like justice, equity means that people are treated fairly and their human rights and dignity are respected, but it also goes a step further. Equity is about meeting people where they are at, guaranteeing peoples’ voices are heard, and creating opportunities for people no matter their background. 


Community: Without community, SCEN wouldn't exist. Community is about forming and strengthening relationships, working together towards our common goals, and protecting each other through all adversities. 

Impact: Our work must always result in positive impact, which we define as an action that changes society for the better, whether it be through the lens of environment, economic, or social developments. We understand that we are responsible for ensuring that we positively impact the South, and ultimately, the nation.

Fun: According to common definitions in the dictionary, fun refers to “enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure.” Creating space for fun and joy is a necessary act that fosters creativity, resilience, and energy in the face of the daunting challenge involved in confronting the climate crisis. 

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Our mission is to confront the climate crisis by creating strategic alignment, growing capacity, and building power among member organizations and their communities in the Southeastern United States.

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