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Check out the programs we are currently developing


Check out the programs we are currently developing

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The vision of the Green New Deal (GND) is to address the climate crisis, shore-up national infrastructure through the creation of millions of living wage jobs and offers the opportunity for this country to repair,shift and modernize its socio-economic structures toward justice, equity and liberty. However, because the South often faces underinvestment and scant attention, this project propels alignment among networks and organizations in the Southeast to ensure that any policies and legislation resulting from the GND take the demands from communities in the South into full account. Our main goal is to garner Southern recommendations to federal and local policies and legislations that result from the GND concept. 

Project partners include: Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy, Dogwood Alliance and Kingdom Living Temple.

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In this podcast, environmental leaders will talk about how they have attained significant local, regional and national wins in the environmental and social justice movements, among others. This initiative builds upon three years of working group participation and collaboration through SCEN’s RESH Energy and Environmental Justice working groups. 

Project partners include: GASP, Alabama IPL and Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy.

One of our core projects under development is an asset mapping tool that will provide information about the strengths, resources and needs of environmental organizations in the Southeast. Through the connection between multiple organizations, assets such as research, know-how, training tools and other resources will be shared more easily. This will allow organizations and activists to find solutions more customized to their needs,allocating resources more efficiently, and implementing projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.This collaborative effort will build alignment in complementary areas to help uncover solutions and ensure that our movement wins in the South.

Project partners include: People’s Justice Council, Georgia WAND, the AdvancingEquity &OpportunityCollaborative and Partnership for Southern Equity.

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How can we make the state of South Carolina go 100% renewable by the year 2035? We will conduct an education program and mobilize the residents of each city to demand action at each respective city council meeting. The cities in South Carolina include Florence, Marion, Darlington, McCall, Bennettsville, Orangeburg, Georgetown, Dillon, and Aiken. 


Project partners include: Kingdom Living Temple, Low Country Alliance for Model Communities, The Whitney M. Slater Foundation and Restoration Outreach Ministries. 

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