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JEDI - Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Deconstructing the Power of ISM's Within Your Workplace Culture 

What Is JEDI?

Under SCEN, the Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion program offers remedial projects, techniques, and workshops to members of the network and in the southeast in an effort to raise awareness on different areas of focus. These topics range from workplace disparities in minority communities to addressing and shedding light on common misconceptions about religion, disabilities, etc. Ultimately, the JEDI program functions alongside other grassroots networks in the southeast to build a fair and sustainable future for generations to come.

Topics That We Cover

Socioeconomic Status

Why Is Our Training Series Different? 


Our 7-field cultural training gives participants the opportunity to assess the effects of workplace norms, highlight segments of policies or procedures that can perpetuate harm, and enable healthy transitions by providing usable alternatives to old methodologies. It's easy to finish a training feeling re-traumatized because you were asked to share a traumatic workplace experience for the growth of the group. Especially harmful is when all of this emotional weight is hurled around, and then you're dismissed with no concrete ways to make positive changes to your organization's culture or policy.   


That's why SCEN does JEDI training differently!


We break the discussions up by "ism's". Going way beyond just race, we delve into age, gender, sexuality, religion, socio-economic status, and communication. More importantly, we focus on practical applications, specifying the policies, procedures, and cultural norms impacting each topic, and what changes we can make for a better workplace environment.  

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