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SCEN 4 Southern Communities



Born from the foundational work of SCEN’s Southern Communities for a Green New Deal Policy Platform (SCGND), the SCEN for Southern Communities Tour (SCEN4SC) is supporting and implementing climate adaptation and resiliency projects based on the values and solutions our network has outlined in the platform and beyond. 


The two primary pillars of this project are: 

  1. Action & Assistance: Supporting local communities and organizations with their climate and community-friendly actions and projects through providing both physical and financial capacity

  2. Amplification: Documenting and sharing the unique realities of the South with an emphasis on inspirational stories, solutions, and winning 

From 2023-2025, SCEN will support at least 20 community and/or organizationally-led projects throughout the Southeastern region. Throughout our journey, where we will drive and stay in an RV, we will document and amplify the stories of the Southeast, shedding light on intersectional climate issues, such as fossil fuel transition, energy efficiency, disaster resilience and adaptation, weatherization, conservation, and more. 


The SCEN4SC Tour will bring ideas into action, with our team literally putting boots-on-the-ground and RV-wheels-to-the-road to provide direct support. By doing so, we aim to offer a positive and constructive narrative that celebrates our communities' remarkable resiliency and creativity. 


Southeast Climate and Energy Network (SCEN) along with network members and frontline communities. 




We have found that while many people are talking about a just transition and climate adaptation, very little has been done to make this a reality for our region. Additionally, it is essential to recognize the distinct needs of the South and ensure that comprehensive solutions are tailored to address its specific vulnerabilities. 


While we understand that frontline communities have the ideas and intimate localized knowledge of what their community needs, many lack the necessary resources and capacity to effectively adapt and respond to the escalating climate crisis, which compounds the existing social and economic threats they already confront. The Southeast Climate and Energy Network is bridging these gaps and directly channeling funding and capacity to these communities. 



2023 is the pilot year for this program, and we began our tour in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi. Next year, the tour will focus on Louisiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee, with the following year taking on North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. 


Selected organizations for 2023 include ReThink Energy Florida, Petal Healing Garden, Partnership for Southern Equity, Energy Alabama, SWEET AL, Florida Food Policy Council, and Mississippi Rising Coalition

First stop of the tour

In March we officially kicked off our SCEN for Southern Communities (SCEN4SC) Tour! Our first stop was in Tallahassee, Florida where we worked with ReThink Energy Florida and hundreds of citizens who advocated for solar energy policies and held a Solar Light Brigade to show Florida leaders the importance and beauty of clean energy. 

SCEN4SC Tour.png

Second stop of the tour

Our second stop was in Petal, Mississippi, in partnership with Petal Healing Garden! This stop of the tour focused on disaster preparedness by teaching local residents to can and dehydrate food to prepare and avoid high food costs and shortages during disasters. ⁠


Third stop of the tour

In June, SCEN staff members joined Partnership for Southern Equity and other community stakeholders in Brunswick, Georgia! This third stop of the SCEN for Southern Communities Tour focused on disaster resilience and preparedness for vulnerable coastal communities by packing, preparing, and distributing 500 hurricane kits.



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