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Board Chair (Birmingham, AL)

Michael Hansen is an accomplished nonprofit leader, advocate, and storyteller, boasting nearly two decades of experience, including eight years as CEO of a growing community-based organization. His strengths are in strategic planning, visioning, public relations, digital media, thought leadership, and program execution. Much of his impactful work has been at the crucial crossroads of environmental justice, climate change, and public health. He has also spearheaded successful campaigns championing LGBTQ equality, food accessibility, and health equity. Michael joined the staff of the burgeoning nonprofit organization called GASP, or the Greater-Birmingham Alliance to Stop Pollution, in 2013 as communications specialist (and later as communications director). The GASP Board of Directors entrusted him with the role of interim executive director in October 2015—a position that shed its interim status merely four months later. His tenure as the executive director ushered in a transformation, expanding GASP's purview to encompass issues of racism and justice. They also instigated a crucial shift, evolving from an all-white staff and Board of Directors into a majority-POC organization. During this period, GASP emerged as one of the South’s foremost champions of environmental and climate justice. Michael is a founding member of the Southeast Climate & Energy Network Board of Directors and is currently serving as board president.

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