From SCEN's early stages, it was part of our vision to facilitate resources for our members  to support their endeavors in making a just and sustainable world. We are happy to say that this vision has now become part of our mission. 


With the mission of facilitating equitable resources for our members, we partnered up with Exposure Labs to launch an RFP that supports the use of climate storytelling to mobilize new audiences, drive climate action and create lasting change. 
We believe that the power of storytelling is an underutilized tool to address the climate crisis -- touching audiences where logic cannot, sparking new perspectives, transforming hearts and inspiring action. By leveraging an expanded community of climate storytellers, combined with the knowledge and experience of climate organizations, Film in the Field can help build political will at the speed and scale we need to preserve our world for future generations.

We invite you to check our RFP here

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