The core function of the SCEN working groups (Environmental Justice, FRESH Energy and Southeast Faith Leaders Network) is to provide a forum for sharing ideas and information among SCEN advocates and allies in the Southeast. Serving as a launching pad for strategic collaboration, our purpose is to provide a groundswell of support around issues and initiatives within states and to maximize their impact through leveraged efforts and targeted resources.

Team leads will structure working group discussion, content and resources around the central goal of providing tangible value to SCEN network allies. Building on the success and lessons learned in the SCEN regional network to date, the working group will produce the following outcomes:​


  • Provide access to trusted information about climate action strategies, policies, intelligence;

  • Provide access to national tables and campaigns, including strategic conversations


  • Create and foster alignment across organizations;

  • Implementation of shared strategies across organizations


  • Build the movement of climate action organizations;

  • Develop and promote new ideas and strategies from advocates that work in the southeast political context.


Co-Chairs: Colette Pichon-Battle, Executive Director, Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy (Slidell, LA)

Sasha Forbes, Sr. Program Advocate: Healthy People & Thriving Communities Program, Natural Resources Defense Council (South Florida)

Main topics:

  1. Energy efficiency and renewables at local, state and regional levels in the Southeast;

  2. Pushing a state-level education/advocacy campaign broadly in support of renewable energy/energy efficiency as a domestic economic engine;

  3. Developing fossil-fuel free plans at the state level;

  4. Electric vehicles.

Image by Jason Blackeye


Co-Chairs: Susannah Tuttle, Executive Director, North Carolina Interfaith Power & Light (Chapel Hill, NC)

Dallas Conyers, Program Coordinator, South Carolina Interfaith Power & Light (SC)

Main topics:

  1. Engaging faith in climate and grassroots climate action; 

  2. Cross-cultural outreach to conservatives; 

  3. Climate change evangelism;

  4. Pressure/partner with major corporations in the region to drive the decarbonization conversation.

Co-Chairs: Kaleia Martin, Environmental Justice Program Coordinator, Youth Empowered Solutions (Charlotte, NC)

Rev. Michael Malcom, Executive Director, People’s Justice Council (Birmingham, AL)

Main topics:

  1. Environmental justice

  2. Climate change impacts on the region

  3. Climate Justice issues;

  4. Low-income energy efficiency;

  5. Energy democracy.

Projects covered:

  1. Asset Mapping tool

  2. Podcast "Climate Justice Y'all". 


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