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Frontline Solutions

We recognize that those closest to the problems are closest to the solutions. Due to this, we wanted to ensure that communities have access to solutions relevant to the unique realities our region faces, especially in regards to the climate crisis. This is a database of solutions from the frontlines within the Southeastern region of the USA, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. The database’s categories include: disaster recovery, civic engagement, renewable energy advocacy and policy, city/community planning, and "other" (nature-based solutions, rural infrastructure, etc.). SCEN members are encouraged to submit their solutions. 

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery involves a set of policies, tools, and on-the-ground plans of action to best aid in the recovery of a community and its technological and social systems following a disaster, such as hurricanes, tornados, or other severe weather events.


Civic Engagement

Civic engagement is the empowerment of individuals and groups to prepare and respond to climate change related issues within their community. This may include members of the community working together in both political and non-political environments in order to protect their community and the natural environment, influence public values, and inspire change within their region.


Renewable Energy:  Advocacy and Policy

Any renewable energy advocacy or policy that focuses on moving away from fossil fuels and creating healthier communities, promoting an energy democracy, reducing energy burden, increasing energy equity, disaster preparedness, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the region.


City / Community Planning 

The planning and control of the construction, growth, and development of a community that takes into account the dynamic environmental changes and weather events of increasing severity as a result of climate change.



Nature-based solutions and infrastructure, conservation, rural resources, etc.

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