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Our Timeline


  • Increased our membership to 79 organizations

  • Participated in our second Conference of the Parties meeting in Egypt, COP27, taking a leading role within U.S. civil society

  • Successfully implemented our second "Films in the Field" RFP process, funding numerous SCEN organizations to create their own film stories

  • Continued playing a key role in Gulf South For a Green New Deal, particularly in Alabama and Florida

  • Designed the upcoming SCEN for Southern Communities tour to be implemented in 2023-2024, as the next phase of Southern Communities for a Green New Deal initiative

  • Implemented numerous capacity building trainings for SCEN members that include Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion workshops

  • Expanded our team to better serve our member organizations

  • Concluded our second Climate Justice Y'all podcast season

  • Launched our a new 2022-2024 strategic plan

  • Achieved excellent financial standing thanks to our amazing philanthropic partners with numerous grants that include multiple multi-year donations and our first federal gran

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