Newsletter March 2020


March 2020
In this edition we will cover:
  • SCEN updates
  • New members
  • Upcoming working group calls
  • Calendar
  • SCEN member news
  • Member spotlight
  • COVID-19
  • Member event updates



We are thrilled to introduce you to our new member:
Sol Nation is an organization working on Environmental and Social Justice to achieve Climate Justice based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Through education, workshops, panels, art, and culture they engage the communities on a level that creates change. They achieve this by explaining the issues that people of color and other marginalized communities deal with so that they have a better understanding of how they are directly impacted. 
Working Group Calls
Environmental Justice Group:
Main topics:Climate and environmental justice, climate change impacts in the region, energy democracy and low-income energy efficiency.
Projects covered: Asset Mapping tool and Podcast "Climate Justice Y'all".
Next call: 03/26/2020 (Tomorrow!)
Co-chairs: Kaleia Martin and Rev. Michael Malcom.
FRESH Committee Group:
Main topics: Energy efficiency and renewables at local, state and regional levels, electric vehicles, developing fossil-fuel free plans at the state level and pushing a state-level education campaign in support of renewable energy as a domestic economic engine.
Programs covered: "Southern recommendations for a Green New Deal" and "South Carolina State Solar Initiative".
Next call: 04/08/2020
Co-chairs: Colette Pichon Battle and Sasha Forbes.
Review March call notes here
Southeast Faith Leaders Network Group:
Main topics: Engaging faith in climate and grassroots climate action, cross-cultural outreach to conservatives, climate change evangelism and pressure/partner with major corporations in the region to drive the decarbonization conversation.
Next call: 04/02/2020
Co-chairs: Susannah Tuttle & Dallas Conyers.
Review March call notes here
The main goal of SCEN's working groups is to provide access to trusted information, create alignment across organizations while amplifying the work that other members are doing.This year our working groups will also serve as a platform for the development and implementation of SCEN projects and programs. 
SCEN Convening
Due to the recent developments of COVID-19, we are monitoring the National situation closely to determine whether to postpone our Convening in Jackson, MS (May 27-29). It is our top priority to make sure our members are healthy and safe.
We will provide more information in the coming weeks.
Fundraising Training
This fundraising training program will provide small organizations the necessary resources to increase their internal fundraising capabilities:
  1. Fundraising strategy and planning - 1 hour
  2. Individual donors, list building and scripting - 1 hour
  3. Grant-writing I - foundation research - 1 hour
  4. Grant-writing II - foundation outreach - 1 hour
  5. Grant-writing III - Proposal writing (narratives and budgeting) - 90 min.
When: 4/14, 4/21, 4/28, 5/5 at 2 pm EST.
SCEN Calendar
Mar 26:
First Environmental Justice working group call of the year
April 2:
Faith-based working group call
April 8:
FRESH working group call
April 14: First Fundraising Training session
April 21: Fundraising Training session
SCEN delegation to NRECA Annual Meeting
On March 1-4, 2020 The National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association (NRECA) held its annual meeting in New Orleans. As a new member of NRECA, SCEN was able to send a delegation of over 30 leaders from different organizations and rural electric cooperative member owners.
During our last FRESH working group call, attendees gathered to discuss their experiences at this event. Here are some of the main takeaways:
  • The Electric co-op sector has been experiencing issues related to good governance, transparency, corruption and diversity.
  • Thanks to the new leadership of Curtis Wynn, the first African-American President of the NRECA, some of these issues are beginning to become addressed. 
  • The work developed by coalitions such as The Advancing Equity & Opportunity (AEO) has been crucial to start changing the narrative in such events to be more inclusive and transparent in their approach moving forward.
While SCEN and our members saw some benefits come from this annual meeting; it is only the beginning of a momentum shift and there is much more work to be done. For a more in-depth look into what our members experienced CLICK HERE
About the NRECA annual meeting: Co-op leaders from across the country gather to celebrate the strength of the co-op network and focus on how cooperatives can provide its members with affordable, reliable energy.
Rev. Michael Malcom is selected as one of Grist 50! emerging leader
We are happy to announce that Rev. Michael Malcom, SCEN member and co-chair of the Environmental Justice working group was chosen as one of Grist 50! for 2020.
Each year, this independent news magazine based in Seattle, Washington, chooses the 50 most influential leaders that are bringing innovative solutions to save the world.
To read more about the fish annual Grist 50! click here
Congressional Briefing
We want to thank the Kingdom Living Temple, New Alpha Community Development Corporation & The Whitney M. Slater Foundation for hosting the Congressional Briefing on March 11th on a topic near to all of our hearts: Climate Change Emergency: Where Do We Go From Here?
At this Congressional Briefing, SCEN's Executive Director Alexander Easdale, and several of our key members had the opportunity to speak on two separate panels about the severity of climate change to our region, and how our communities are the frontlines to the impact.
Members taking part of this briefing were:
  • Danna smith -Dogwood Alliance
  • Keya Chatterjee -US Climate Action Network
  • Rev. Leo Woodberry -New Alpha Community Development corporation
  • Loretta Slater -The Whitney M. Slater Foundation
  • Nsombi Lambert -One Voice
  • Pedro Cruz -Sierra Club
While Covid-19 is taking a big toll on our everyday life, it is also exacerbating existing injustices in our country, which will further harm our workers and vulnerable communities in the short and long term. Many organizations are taking the lead to suggest changes to the congressional stimulus package so that it can benefit workers rather than big corporations.
Some of the initiatives taken by members and network friends are:
Stimulus package:
A cluster of environmental and social justice organizations including SCEN members US Climate Action Network and Sierra Club, have created a landing page called "People's Bailout" that establish 5 principles the Stimulus package -currently negotiated in Congress, must follow in order to protect millions of workers. These principles are:
1. Health is the top priority, for all people, with no exceptions
2. Economic relief must be provided directly to the people
3. Rescue workers and communities, not corporate executives
4. Make a downpayment on a regenerative economy while preventing future crises
5. Protect our democratic process while protecting each other
To learn more about this initiative that has been endorsed by hundreds of organizations, unions, community leaders and policy makers, please click here.
Direct assistance to communities:
The Miami Climate Alliance Community Emergency Operation Center is providing a map that outlines where drive through testing sites are being held, as well as stores that are providing senior citizen shopping hours, Food Distribution Centers to pick up goods, and mental health services. Check it out Here
Partnership For Southern Equity, The Center for Biological Diversity, Alabama Interfaith Power and Light and the Indigenous Environmental Network along with 500+ groups are currently urging state governors, mayors and utility regulators to put a moratorium on electricity and water-utility shutoffs in response to the coronavirus crisis which resulted in job losses. They are also taking this opportunity to call for Distributed Clean Energy and Equitable Water Payment Systems. For further information please Click Here
Members' events
Due to the recent developments of COVID-19, the following events have been postponed/canceled:
Southeast Coal Ash Summit
Greensboro, NC
The purpose of the Summit (originally scheduled for March 27th and 28th) was to include a blend of technical, legal, and community experts from across the South and Puerto Rico. It was going to cover various coal ash topics including recycling and reuse, landfills, federal landscape, worker justice, the historic settlement in North Carolina and Duke Energy, and more.
UPDATE: While the organizers haven't provided new dates, tickets purchased via Eventbrite will be reimbursed.
Please contact Amy Adams or Amanda Strawderman for further information.
BlackCAN Convening
African-American climate and environmental justice advocates and those working in the environmental field will come together to discuss and plan for a just transition for frontline communities.
New Dates: August 27-29th
Where: Oakland, CA.
Tickets and further info: here
San Antonio, TX Climate Reality training
This three-day Climate Reality Leadership Corps training was to be the 45th such event that Vice President Gore and The Climate Reality Project have hosted in communities around the world. This movement includes a network of more than 21,000 activists from 152 countries helping build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive movement for climate solutions.
UPDATE: the training in San Antonio has been postponed. New dates to be determined.
Share with us
Please email us with campaigns, job descriptions, petition links or details/ideas you want us to share for the upcoming March edition.
SCEN's Newsletter is shared on the 25th of each month. Please send any information you would like for us to publish no later than 5 business days prior to each publication.
Interested in supporting this great cause? Your donations make it possible for small organizations and frontline communities to participate at SCEN's convenings, receive capacity trainings and be able to fund small projects that stand for social, racial and environmental justice. 
Through Convening Sponsorships that include the recent NRECA event, SCEN has helped cover expenses through stipends for participating SCEN members from smaller grassroots and frontline organizations ($160,000+ provided until this day).
We are the largest regional collaborative of clean energy and climate change advocates and organizations from twelve Southeastern states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and West Virginia. SCEN believes that local organizations are best positioned to bring about equitable and sustainable energy systems across the Southeast when they share a common vision and collaborate with a broad range of partners. Our main goal as an organization is to become a powerful, diverse and interconnected Southeastern climate movement that strengthens capability and enables organizations to maximize impacts at a local and regional level, thereby building healthy, resilient and vibrant communities.



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