Since its remarkable establishment in 2008, The Southeast Climate & Energy Network has been known for its unparalleled commitment to member satisfaction. It’s this standard of excellence and dedication that has provided the momentum for us to grow into the extraordinary network we are today. 


Our members always come first and that means exceptional services and collaborative wins. Our team is fully dedicated to meet our members' needs and to amplify the voices of frontline communities and grassroots organizations. 

Your donation will help SCEN members to fight the climate crisis in a just and equitable way. 

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of an amazing network striving to make change at a global level and fostering a better tomorrow together! 







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Alex Easdale – Executive Director
Phone: +1-954-673-7002


Sara Ochoa - Membership & Operations Coordinator
Phone: +1-786-818-7423


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Help us Thrive

Members of SCEN are part of a network of organizations working to advocate meaningful and effective solutions to climate justice and racial equity in the Southeast.

Your donation will help SCEN members fight climate crisis in a just and equitable way. 

(SCEN is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization)

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